FlipBelt = A must!

March 9, 2013 § 1 Comment

While I was never actually a girl scout, I do like to be prepared. That means that at any time in my purse or gym bag I have anything that I could possibly need in any circumstance. Getting hangry? No problem, I’ve got snacks. Chapped lips? I probably have 5 tubes of chapstick (all serving different purposes, of course). Work stuff, cell phone, to-do lists, pens, clothes, books, you name it….I probably have it.

I tend to take the same approach with running. For one thing, living in Baltimore, 90% of the time I’m an urban runner. Which means that carrying my housekey is a must. A phone is even better for safety. And of course I still like to bring snacks along! I used to be a pro at stuffing everything I could need in my sports bra – but eventually had to give up that habit because of chaffing. Determined not to buy a fanny pack, I not just stuff everything in the pockets of my outfit – not always a very flattering look – nor is it always easy to run with. But, it’s always been the better option to something flopping around my waist. I can never get Fuel Belts to stay put on my hips where they’re comfortable….and running with something tight enough around my waist so it doesn’t bounce is impossible for me. I stumbled upon the FlipBelt from a fitness blog and knew I needed to get my hands on one.

A quick look at the website drew my attention to one thing — 178 product reviews, giving it a 5 star review. The other thing that caught my attention was it is actually cute…..or at least the girls in the pictures who wear it are cute. Either way, I was sold. I had my FlipBelt sent to Tucson so that I could put it to the test at camp. Sure enough, our first long run day was the perfect opportunity. No better way to test some gear than during 18 miles of a progression run, right?! I slid the belt on and had a good feeling right away – it felt snug and fit nicely on my hips. I am a size 6 in most bottoms, and I got the small. I then packed the belt with 2 Powerbar Gels and an iPod (running a 3 mile loop – even I use music!). And then run began. The only time I even remembered I was wearing it was when I pulled the headphones out to start my music. Other than that the FlipBelt was literally just a part of my outfit. If anything, it kind of helped my shorts stay put while I ran too. Nothing bounced, nothing came out……it didn’t budge.

In summary, it was awesome. Just as a quick test afterwards I packed my cell phone in there with the same result. This is definitely the first product of its kind where I haven’t had to adjust/tighten constantly. Conclusion? This is a must for every runner!



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