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November 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today’s ride was all about rolling with the punches. I went down to Virginia for a change of scenery, and met up with Kendra for a little ride. The day seemed to be cursed from the get go, and we just had to laugh as our ride ended with us staying warm in a public bathroom as Kendra warmed her Raynaud-plauged fingers in a canteen of warm water.

As Kendra and I both know, if you don’t enjoy the ups and the downs, you’re not going to enjoy the Iron distance 🙂 It was fun for me to get outside of Baltimore for a ride. And more importantly – I have a new riding friend! I’d consider today a success.


Up & Coming PLUS What I’ve Noticed….

November 14, 2012 § 4 Comments

Ever since I have been back from Hawaii these weeks have been flying by. If I don’t stop and catch my breath here, the off season will be all gone before I know it! But, the offseason doesn’t necessarily mean “off” altogether. It should be called something more like the “change it up” season – a time to break up the normal routine with some other races and workouts to keep things fit but fun!

I do have a couple races in the off-season though. First up will be the Gobble Cobble – Baltimore’s own turkey trot! I have run and/or volunteered at this race the past few years and it is always a good time. The fact that the night before is always a big night for the bars keeps it extra interesting 🙂

The “big” event on the horizon is a triathlon. A winter tri – am  I traveling to the equator? Will I be going to Brazil? Sadly, none of the above, but a new race with a Half and Full distance did pop up in Key West for 2013, so in January I am excited to head down there for the inaugural event (I’m doing the half). Well, as excited as one can be when “beware of Portugese Man ‘o’ Wars” is in the athlete guide. It’s called the Bone Island Triathlon for anyone else looking for a winter getaway!

The temperatures have been dropping here and if the Farmer’s Almanacs are correct, we are in for a long winter. So here are a handful of things that I have noticed to help you get through the long cold days/nights:

-The Oiselle Rundelicious top. Am I going out? Staying in? Going for a run? Who knows, because I can do it all in this super cute and versatile running top. Love love love this.

-J. Crew Matchstick pants. Being an “athletically” built girl, I never could ever imagine a world in which I wore skinny jeans….until I found these pants. Built for girls with cycling thighs and small waists, these are super duper cute and they have them in all styles/colors (though the cords don’t work for me…just the jeans. Still awesome though)

-Nine West boots! Both Carly and myself are blessed with huge calves, making boot wearing nearly impossible in the winter time. But, we have both found great success with Nine West boots this season. So, if you usually stray from tall boots because your athletic calves make even suede slouch boots look like pleathery spandex on you, I would head on over and grab a pair.

BlueSeventy Element goggle. The only goggle I have so far that is leak proof, and doesn’t give me a headache with marathon winter swim sessions! PS – these came free to all Rev3 participants in the swag bags this year!

-Mouse Traps. Because mice apparently like to come into warm city basements when it’s winter. Gross.

-I also just updated my winter cycling gear with plenty of Pearl Izumi winter riding clothes, so I will be putting that to good use in the next few weekends. I will let you know what is working for me when the temps are low!

Why I Voted: A Female Athlete’s Perspective

November 3, 2012 Comments Off on Why I Voted: A Female Athlete’s Perspective

Yesterday, I voted (I am out of town on election day so early voting it is!). This was the second election I voted in (in 2004 I was at school in Ohio and to my knowledge I didn’t do an absentee ballot), but this time there was a particular reason behind my vote. Well, there are several issues that I cared about on the ballot yesterday, but this post is about one of them.

I am proud to say that I voted for Obama.

I am twenty seven years old. I have a full time job to support myself, my cat Amelia, pay my mortgage, and fund my pursuit of my passions. One of those passions, as you all know, is triathlon. I have made great strides in this past year, and have set a goal for myself of racing as a professional – hopefully in 2014.

To be a professional athlete, or even a wanna-be professional athlete, your body becomes a finely tuned machine that is your most valuable asset .  Yesterday I voted in favor of a man who will support a women’s right to choose how her body is treated. I voted for a man who will continue funding Planned Parenthood, an organization that offers women access to various medical services, so that she can pursue her dream. Yesterday I voted for a man who is helping me towards my goal of becoming a professional athlete – and he doesn’t even know it.

This is *not*, I repeat *not* a post about abortion or anything to do with it. This is a post about my right to have access to a network of doctors who help me get the medications and services I need to keep my body fit and ready, in hope of one day racing professionally. This post is to remind people that there are athletes out there who have little (if any) insurance coverage, and Planned Parenthood may be the only option for them to reasonably afford routine care.

Thank you for reading and I hope you consider this as you head to the polls on Tuesday!

(Comments have been disabled on this post as I just want to voice my opinion and do not want this to be a political debate of any sort! If you would like to share your thoughts with me please feel free to reach out via my “contact me” page. Thanks for understanding!)

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