While I Was Biking….

August 8, 2012 § 5 Comments

If you remember this post, I have been working to reduce my soda consumption lately. One of the suggestions I received was to get a Soda Stream. My roommate, Carly, had other plans. Soda Streams are great – but they are also somewhat limited with what bottles you can use, what you can carbonate, and having to purchase CO2 tanks fairly often.

Why not make our own? Then we could carbonate whatever we wanted….in whatever bottles we want….and a CO2 tank that could make over 1100 liters (so only refilling it every 2 years or so).

Please note that I may say “we” or “our” in this post – but Carly made all the magic happen. All things told, it was about a day of effort to gather the supplies, but putting it together only took about 30 minutes. And this was all for just over $100 – still less than the starter set of the Soda Stream!

For me this past Saturday was another long ride day. For Carly, it was Carbonation Day! I came home to this:

And have been enjoying carbonated (sugar free) beverages ever since! Love it! Thanks Carly!


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