July 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

BAFA is the new great thing in endurance sports.

What’s that? You haven’t ever heard of BAFA?

Well, that’s ’cause I just made it up. But it SHOULD be the new great thing in endurance sports. BAFA -> By Athletes For Athletes. In the past few months, a couple things have grabbed my attention. The first was the Ruster Sports Hen House bike case. Designed by TJ Tollakson, you know he has had to travel with a bike quite a few times, and so you know he knew what he was doing when he invented this bike case. Now, I don’t have one of these, but it will probably be going on a Christmas list sometime soon! (Yes, I am 27 and still make Christmas lists. Don’t judge me)

The second thing that caught my attention was XPS Baking Company. After many years of triathlon, Jay had grown tired of the usual sources for calories before and during workouts (who hasn’t!?), so he teamed up with Meghan and created a delicious treat with the athlete in mind. And the best part is that it’s a cookie – who doesn’t love cookies? I have always struggled with what to eat in the mornings. Now that my work schedule has flip flopped I have more time before work and I do my longer sessions in the morning. That means I have had to search for something that is 1. quick and 2. going to get me through a long  brick. I have found that a lot of my usual go-to sources of pre-workout snacks for the afternoon are too sweet or sugary for just after I wake up. The XPS Cookies are perfect though. I can eat it in just a few minutes, it digests easily, and it packs enough calories to get me through my workouts. Each cookie is made to order and mailed out to you that day….when you get them, just throw it in the refrigerator or the freezer if you think it will be more than a few days before you eat it. I tried one of every flavor and lovedddd the Espresso Chocolate and Apple Spice so much that I have already placed another order. If you are searching for a perfect morning snack, I’d definitely recommend supporting some fellow athletes and giving these cookies a try!!


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