Six Week Itch

May 16, 2012 § 5 Comments

I am starting to feel the burn as I’m now 6 weeks out from an IM, with 1 half and 2/3’s of a half to go on the way there. My attention span is wavering and I am feeling like I am constantly late, rushing, packing, unpacking, washing clothes, and eating. And, I think I have swimmer’s ear – which I’m about to try to cure with olive oil because google says so. And then the icing on the cake (literally) came with my Birthday Club e-mail from Baskin Robbins, offering me $3 off a birthday cake. Didn’t they used to send you a coupon for a free scoop? Why do I need $3 off an entire cake? I want a scoop!

But Haley had a good point about having an arsenal of happy thoughts on hand for tough training blocks, or races, or really whenever. So here are mine (albeit in brief since I have about 3 more minutes until bedtime):

1. Free Slurpee Day is coming up…and they are debuting a new sugar free slurpee! Yes, I realize this still probably falls into the category of things that aren’t great for me, but still.

2. Lots of friends are racing this weekend at Columbia Tri and IM Texas and I cannot wait to watch in person and online!

3. The frozen yogurt place in my neighborhood has a punch card system, and I am on my bonus punch! That means I can go and get a cup as big as I want with as many toppings as I want for free!

4. My best friend kelly is getting married this weekend!

Me and Kelly (red dress) and friends before a dance in high school.


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§ 5 Responses to Six Week Itch

  • Easa says:

    Dig the hands on hips!

  • Hang in there, the six weeks will be here before you know it. I have a couple friend doing the same IM as you. They are going through the same things. Hang tough!! Train and rest hard.

  • katie says:

    EEKS! 6 weeks is SO close.

  • Katie says:

    These next weeks will fly by!! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at Eman!

  • Haley says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Love the happy thoughts! Other possible good ones: Running while listening to only Taylor Swift songs (bonus if you can do this during working hours), drinking an entire water bottle without realizing because NUUN makes it taste so delicious, and of course, thinking about that little race you have coming up in October!!!

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