Half Full

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Half empty: A fire in the city blew out the power for the gym last night, and the pool pump wouldn’t turn on this morning == swim fail.

Half full: It was a swim-only day so I can still get it done this afternoon!


 Half empty: Doing the workout in the afternoon means I had to cancel my massage and pay a fee for cancelling within 24 hours.

Half full: I was able to reschedule for tomorrow night and get the fee waived!


Half empty: After the swim fail I was locked out of the house!

Half full: I had an entire hour to get ready for work….my hair looks extra nice today.


Half empty: An accident on 83 made my commute a parking lot.

Half full: I wasn’t a part of the accident.


As you can see I’m working hard here to see things Half Full around here….which reminds me….have you put the Rev3 Half Full race on your calendar yet? Held in October (great weather), on a challenging course (keeps ya honest), and for a great cause (Ulman Cancer Fund)….what more could you want?!



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