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April 9, 2012 § 4 Comments

For the past year, I have been in a war with my mailbox. When I was installing it last year, I got all of the necessary supplies I would need to properly mount it. I even got the special masonry drill bits the dudes at the hardware store said I’d need.

For about a week or two, it stayed put. And then it fell.

The reason it fell was clear – I didn’t drill the initial holes far enough. My arms started to hurt so I drilled it just barely far enough, then put the anchors in the best I could, and so on. Long story short, I took a short cut.

That short cut has cost me dearly. At least twice a week I come home to find my mailbox on the sidewalk; one time the postwoman didn’t even deliver the mail because it had fallen and I forgot to put it back up. Every time it falls I have to dig up some tools, stick the screws back into the not-long-enough holes and then just wait for it to fall again…..because it will. A small little project has grown into a huge headache.

Today I went out and got new anchors, plugged in the drill, and created proper holes. It served as my reminder not to take a short cut, even if my arms hurt.

So here I am passing on your daily reminder not to take shortcuts in  training either. Eating right means making good decisions about food every day *cough*nomorebingeingonEastercandy*cough.* And Ironman training means doing the workouts – all of them. Every rep. Even when you don’t really feel like it – even when your arms hurt. Skip the short cuts!


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§ 4 Responses to My Mailbox

  • Easa says:

    “My arms started to hurt” — love that. 10k in the pool, no problem, but 4 small holes with an electric drill and you cry uncle?

  • Mike says:

    Finally! You’ve been dragging the neighborhood down, Alyssa. I’m glad you’ve finally stopped lowering my property values. And as Easa points out: really? Tired after drilling a couple holes?

    • agodesky says:

      Haha. Well, my arms just didn’t build any strength for home repairs seeing as I had you and Chris to dupe into helping me out for the first year and a half…

  • […] There wasn’t anything too difficult in the plan, the wattages were doable and the run was based on perceived effort rather than a specific pace which I always prefer. But something about bringing it indoors ups the mental ante. Suddenly it’s just you, with literally nothing preventing you from slowing your cadence or hitting stop on the treadmill. Admittedly, mental strength in training has not always been my forte. Last season I found quite few “good reasons” to cut sessions shorter than they were supposed to be, 5 minutes here 10 minutes there. I would tell myself that if I was getting most of the workout in, and most of the time all of the workout, that I was still sticking to the plan. Rockstar Alyssa Godesky wrote a post this past year that really stuck with me, don’t worry it is not just about her mailbox. […]

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