No Baggage, No Cry

March 26, 2012 § 3 Comments

Remember this post, where I came out to the world about being a bag lady?

Well, times are changing and I am handing in my bag lady card….I’m like the opposite of a bag lady now….also known as a regular looking girl going to the gym/pool.

What happened that changed my life so drastically? BLUE SEVENTY! They are sharing the love this year and are one of the great sponsors of the Rev3 family. I was so excited when I heard that news since I’ve had my eye on the Transition TZ bag for awhile now.  If you are currently in the market for a new transition bag – or a swim bag, or a run bag, or a bike bag, or a swim to run bag, or a bike to run bag, or a swim to bike bag, or shoot, if you’re going camping – get this bag!!!

My favorite part is the compartment at the bottom that is fully waterproof. No longer will I be pulling damp work clothes out of my bag as I unpack at home in the evenings! The large middle compartment is also huge enough for me to carry all of my necessities – TRISWIM shamp/condish/bodywash/lotion, towel, running clothes, clothes for after, nicer clothes for after (just in case dinner plans aren’t at a triathlete friendly venue), makeup, hair dryer, etc. Then there’s also plenty of other compartments along the outside. I keep my keys, lock, gym pass in top easy to reach zip pocket. There’s also spots for shoes, water bottle holders, and even a spot for a helmet! I am no longer walking out the door with 15,000 bags in the morning as I have managed to consolidate down to 2 – this one and my work purse! It’s a pretty amazing feeling of freedom, I have to say.


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§ 3 Responses to No Baggage, No Cry

  • Easa says:

    I think of the bag lady post often when I arrive/leave yoga. I’m usually juggling mat, hand towel(s), mat towel, change of shorts, sometimes beanie, sometimes towel, sometimes fleece/down jacket, sometimes pants, lock, water bottle, and keys. Can you fit a yoga mat in the TZ?

    • agodesky says:

      No yoga mat 😦 unless you have one made for a little person. It’s just a tad too long. But you can fit a cat in there.

  • Andy says:

    i like how you threw condish into that post.

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