Some Sponsor Love!

March 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s been awhile since I gave some sponsor love, and this is Part 1 of some very exciting news coming from Rev3! We have some AMAZING companies supporting us this year, and I mean it when I say that in only 3 months they have already made a difference in my training and racing. I want to focus on two of the great companies in this post….PowerBar and Swiftwick.


The support that this company gives to not only triathlon – but all athletes, in so many sports, all over the world – is undeniable. Just check out their Team Elite Roster. From Ironman Champions to age groupers, PowerBar is with us every step of the way, fueling us and helping us recover faster. I have three absolute favorite products from PowerBar: RESTORE Sports Drink Mix, Cola Energy Blasts, and the Triple Threat Caramel Peanut Fusion energy bar.

Cola Energy Blasts are my go to morning pre-workout snack. It’s usually too early for me to eat anything too substantial, but the energy blasts trick me into thinking they are candy. They aren’t too big or hard to chew, so I can easily get enough in to get me calories to make it through my intervals on the trainer or the track.

Lately I have been bringing the Triple Threat bars on rides. At 220 calories they are a quick and easy snack that’s easy to eat on the bike – even with gloves on (very important for those colder rides). These are also a staple of my swim bag and my purse at work for go-to snacks. I have found it’s important to have something handy for immediately after workouts to help tie me over until I can get a real meal in me.

And I have been most excited to have found the RESTORE recovery beverage. The best part is when it arrived at my doorstep it was uniquely packaged:

I have not finished a ride yet this season and not been mixing a bottle of this within minutes! It tastes like Sunny D, so it brings me back to my childhood, but luckily I can fix up a serving larger than those silly little bottles Sunny D came in that you could finish in one gulp. I have noticed that the addition of this as a post-workout beverage has left me feeling stronger and more ready to tackle the tough workouts the next day.

If you have any other questions about PowerBar products, shout them out to me or any member of the Rev3 team!


I didn’t start using compression socks until last summer during the drive out to Louisville. A regular of getting cankles, I was willing to try them to stop those cankles from forming during travel…and they work! I have since incorporated them into the recovery process, and as I sit here with my legs up getting ready to race this weekend, you know they’re on my legs!

The Swiftwick website is really user friendly and allows you to shop around for socks based off of sport, height, material, color, etc so you know you are finding the perfect pair. I have also been wearing the Aspire One and will be sporting those this weekend for the DU. No foot problems whatsoever since I started wearing them. And for my Baltimore readers I will keep you updated about local places to find these socks, but they are at my favorite bike shop, Twenty20!


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