Weekend Riding Recap!

March 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

I apologize for my lack of blogging about Camp Biswelsiek this past weekend, but I assure you it was for good reason: it was tough and left no energy for typing! I am eager to read Dawn and Michelle’s reports of the actual camp, but judging from the Twitter activity, and Hillary’s blogging,  it looked like a lot of fun was had and a lot of fitness was gained. I am sure the group dynamic played a huge role in getting the campers through the workouts. Dawn was so kind as to send me some virtual love since she knew I was camping solo-style on the East Coast, and believe me, I needed that on Saturday!

It was a big weekend of riding (which bodes well for a weekend celebration of DST!), and while I have been on the trainer this winter more than I ever have been before, it will always take a good few rides outside before I really feel like I’m getting my riding legs under me again. Saturday I had a 5 hour ride on tap. I pieced together several of my favorite rides to create a 75 mile loop, figuring that worst case scenario, it would take me all 5 hours. Best case, I’d swing through a park on my way home to add a few more miles. Unfortunately for me, this was a worst case scenario type of day! When I had mapped the ride, I completely ignored 2 things: 1. Coach’s instructions that it doesn’t have to be a hard ride, I just need good time in the aero bars, and 2. The weather report. Had I simply paid attention to the forecast, and which direction the gusting winds were going that day, I could have ridden out a tail wind for most of the ride. Instead, I headed into some crazy crosswinds and a headwind for 45+ miles of the ride. For a girl who is used to sitting on the back during a group ride, this was a rude awakening! I also probably could have helped myself by finding a flat route and not deciding to ride up every single huge hill within a 40 mile radius of Baltimore. I have no clue if 4,300+ feet of climbing really is that much over 75 miles, but it sure felt like it! As I was on a climb towards the middle of the ride I actually had the “thank god I’m wearing a road-ID so they can identify me in case I don’t make it back” thought. A little dramatic, sure, but I have never had my butt kicked like that before.

Sunday proved to be a better day for riding. I duped a couple girls I know into coming with me for an early start. It was going to be an early start BEFORE daylight savings….so it was double early with the clocks rolling back on Sunday morning. Which also meant cold! But Christa and Amy were troopers and we rode out to Patapsco together. I had a longer ride on the agenda, so they headed back, but it’s always nice to have some company on any portion of a ride. That gave me some more motivation to tackle the hills of Columbia before heading home.

This weekend is St. Patty’s Day Du; I think it will be a good measure for the early season! And with temps in the 70’s all week I am hoping for some solid weather.


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