February 15, 2012 § 5 Comments

At the end of last year Carly and I fielded a couple questions about what exactly was going on in our house. We both had stellar racing seasons  in the Fall, which happened to coincide with Carly moving into the house.  With Lance’s case being closed now the Feds may have some more time for other investigations so I figure I would save them the trouble and come clean with our secret: Doping. Solidarity.

Per Wikipedia, Solidarity refers to the ties in a society that bind people to one another. Last fall Carly and I tied ourselves together through our workout and our relentlessness pursuit for “better”. Our society was formed: a society of 2 fast little ladies.

Earlier this year, Carly had a goal to build upper body strength. As we all know, one of the fastest ways to do this – especially given time constraints, etc, is to do pushups. When asked to join her, I was hesitant because I had started swim camp and was already feeling the effects of that in my arms – I really had no reason to add to that. But, there was a compromise to be made. For every hour I swam (approx 3,000 meters in the pool) Carly would complete 2 minutes of pushups. Those 2 minutes could be broken into 30 second segments throughout the day.

You can see I have done an extensive mathematical analysis of our data (click for a better view):

And the conclusion is clear: I have improved in the volume of swimming I can handle in a similar fashion to Carly’s improvement of how many pushups per minute she can bust out! In fact, just the other day she averaged 46 per minute….just a month ago she started with an average of 9 per minute!

Solidarity works!


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