100 x 100 – Complete!

February 12, 2012 § 12 Comments

We survived! About three hours and ten minutes after jumping in the pool, Ryan and I had put 10,000 meters behind us. Initially we had hoped to have more people come out for the workout, but in the end, even the masters team wasn’t quite ready for it. People did have some pretty good reasons too – Like Haley’s “sorry I can’t make it I’m actually busy WINNING a race dubbed one of the toughest in North America!” In the end though, everything happens for a reason as it allowed me to put it on a day and time that would work for my fitness – one of the most important parts of planning this! Had I attempted this a month ago when Haley was in town, I think I would be telling a different story.

But, back to the 100’s. The workout was as follows (we swim in a 25 meter pool, and PBB = Paddles, Buoy, Band):

Honestly, I didn’t notice the three hours too much because the way the workout was structured I could just focus on each little piece. By the time the first big set was complete, I was already 60% of the way done! Then it was just one more big block, and before I knew it, it was time to cooldown. We didn’t dawdle at all in between sets to keep things rolling. I ate about 450 calories throughout the workout which I think was a good amount. I didn’t really start incorporating calories into my swimming until about a month ago, so I was a little nervous about how my stomach would handle calories in the pool, but it held up well.

Post-swim, Ryan and I headed to our favorite pizza place, Pasta Mista, right across the street. While our pizza was cooking I sipped on my Powerbar Recovery beverage and I think getting some more good calories in me immediately post-swim helped a bunch. As we ate I looked back on my workout logs and noted that this week a year ago my main set for a swim workout was “10 x 100 on the 2:00”! How far I have come!

Sleep was  a little rough as my brain was quite confused about why it was my arms, not my legs like usual, that were so sore. But today the soreness is beginning to flush out and I was able to get in a great speed session on the treadmill!

Also during the swim I did some daydreaming about what my “perfect pool” would look like, and came up with something like this…(note: this is a pool in Boulder!)


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