500 Days of Swim Camp

February 9, 2012 § 8 Comments

I love the movie 500 Days of Summer. I also love trying to pretend my life is a movie. I also love stretching things so far to make it seem like I am, in fact, living out a movie.

So, you know that scene in 500 Days of Summer when Tom is going to the party at Summer’s apartment. And it flashes between the scenes playing his expectations for the party, and what actually happened? Well, that’s been pretty similar to my life this past week as the reality of swim camp was occurring and my expectation reel was playing through my head. This is just another reason why it’s great to have a coach – you can count on them to push you past the limits you would have set for yourself.

I have a big milestone coming up this weekend in the form of a 100 x 100 swim set.  My expectations for the week before 100 x 100 day included, but wasn’t limited to: a taper-like week to prepare my very tired arms, lot’s of rest, maybe some cookies, and…well….not that much swimming since I’d be knocking out 10k on Saturday! Little did I know, Coach Hillary had other plans 🙂 I am still putting in some big meterage these days as THE day draws closer. Every day I (and Ryan!) knock out another workout I know that I’m going to be able to get through Saturday but it will be tough because the fatigue of 6 weeks of swim camp has most definitely set in. BUT….doing it this way will be much more rewarding – that much I’m sure of!

I hope to be blogging on Sunday with some very tired arms!


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