Trio Tuesday

December 20, 2011 § 9 Comments

1. In an effort to pamper myself during my little training break, I painted my nails and bought a loofah.  Turns out, this loofah looks exactly like the sponge we would put in my hermit crab cage when I was little. And it weirded me out then. Guess what? Still does. Now every time I shower I am reminded of Lobster, the freakishly large hermit crab I owned for a day before I got scared and threw him out into the backyard, probably offering him up to the lawn mower. Sorry, Lobster.*

2. Lesson learned (twice): Amazon’s “one-click buying” LITERALLY means you buy it…. in one click. THAT click. There is no next click where you’re warned “This is the one click where you are officially buying your item.”

3. Carly made me the coolest thing ever for Christmas…this amazing pink blanket! I *love* it! And so does Amelia! Here is us modeling it as a cape:

*Editor’s Note : My sister seems to believe we owned Lobster for years before the throwing him out into the yard incident. My loathing of this terrible creature seems to have skewed my memory.


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