Alyssatard: the (wo)man, the myth, the legend

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, hello there. You may have noticed that the location of my blog is different! As part of my quarter-life resolution last year,  I have tried to look a little more grown up in all things that I do. For one thing, I bought a house. That seemed pretty grown up. I have also stopped wearing sweatpants before/after races. Thanks Oiselle for helping me with that one 🙂 I cook things and keep my Ramen Noodle intake to once weekly. All super grown up right? Well, this past week I grew up a little electronically. I moved my blog over to wordpress and even made it so you can just go to and find me.

With that, came the death of the Alyssatard blog. Sad, but true. Then I realized that many of you out there probably don’t even know the origin of Alyssatard. So, here’s the dets:

I have a sister who is 3 years older than me. Her name is Leah. Nowadays the age difference is fairly negliable (minus the fact that she’s super grown up and married and a big time lawyer now, while I run in the woods and play on bikes and in the pool). However, when I was little, 3 years seemed like a lifetime. Anything she was doing was the shiz. Dave Matthews? Totally awes! Wearing a side ponytail and tying my shirt on the side? Super hot. In the earliest years, I especially liked to do the sports or activities that Leah was doing. She went to gymnastics for several years before I was old enough to go. I watched her all of these years go off to practice in her leotard. When I was finally old enough, I got suited up in the only outfit I figured was logical – if she wore a “Leah-tard”….that must mean I wear an “Alyssa-tard.”

It was years before anyone had the heart to tell me the truth. And by have the heart to tell me, I mean it slipped out in front of my friends and since then no one has ever let me live it down….


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