>Throw some glitter, make it rain

April 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

>This week marks what would I would call the official start of my 2011 racing season. Saturday I’ll be heading down to Lake Anna in Virginia for the Rumpus in Bumpass Olympic Distance triathlon. A lot of quick people should be coming out for a good early season test of fitness, and I’m really excited to see where I stand.

But first, I had a pretty big hurdle in my way. A one mile long hurdle, to be exact.

On what could be described as a whim, I signed up for the Westminster Main Street Mile a few weeks back. A bunch of TWSS people were planning on going out for a fun little Wednesday night outing, and maybe I have some newfound confidence with the speedwork Hillary is having me do, but I thought “hey, I can run a mile too!” As the day of the race got closer my anxiety start to build up as I realized I actually had no clue how to run just one mile. Should I warm up? Should I feel like I’m sprinting the entire time? Will my heart explode?

I arrived in Westminster with the crew and found fellow ultrarunner, Pete, who looked about as scared as I was. As I warmed up my legs didn’t feel super awesome (I did a smaller speed sesh that morning) and I literally had no idea how this was going to go. Pete and I laughed as we aknowledged how out of our element we were. We tossed around a few ideas on strategies and plans, until we finally settled with a good old fashioned “whatever, it’s just one mile. Let’s just run it.” Meg helped us through some sort of pre-race rituals including stretching and “striders” and we were toeing the line before we knew it.

The race started promptly at 7pm, and we headed down the road. Literally, down: the first quarter-mile of the race is a pretty good descent. It flattens out somewhere around halfway through, you hit a small incline, then another little downhill to the finish.

Annddd….that is all I remember of the race. That, and the thought “are my hands supposed to be going numb?” I finished in 5:36 which was good enough for 6th place (though I do think that the 8 year old girl who allegedly beat me is some sort of mistake). But most importantly – I finished in 5:36! Shoot. Who would have thought that exactly 3 months after racing 100 miles, I could race 1 – and do it pretty darn quick. The first voice I heard at the end was Ryan saying “shoot, is that Alyssa done already?!” haha.

All in all TWSS repped well – Male and Female winners, PR’s all over the place, and old men (Happy Birthday Kris!) running like they were 20 again. I grabbed an ice cream sandwich and we headed up the road to watch our amazing team earn a few more W’s at a track meet at McDaniel College. It brought back the memories of soccer camp circa 1999.  And a memory of one time when I was driving to McDaniel College for work and I won O.A.R tickets last summer. ha.

Rocking my Oiselle singlet, armwarmers, and the Oiselle distance shorts! (yes my form is bad, I’m working on it….)


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