March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

>So….I did my first Duathlon last weekend. It was….neat. Allow me to elaborate:

About a month and a half ago I dug to the depths of the interwebs to find some multisport events that would give me some time to practice before Columbia. One such event was the inaugural St. Patty’s Day Duathlon. Originally put off by the somewhat high entry fee, Ryan and I were swayed back to doing it when we rationalized the potential to win back the entry fee. So we signed up and didn’t tell anyone (not that I really am friends with any girls around here who could/would do it) in hopes of taking home some dollar dollar bills. Which brings me to lesson #1 in putting on an inaugural race: Drop some bones on a prize purse, and people will come to compete.

Race day came and I was super glad not to be triathloning in March. It was quite cold and early as Daylight Savings coincided with race day. It was real dark when Ryan and I got there. Would not have wanted to get into the water. We picked up our packets and found out that the race was also abiding by inaugural race lesson #2 – make a sweet shirt. Seriously, this is one of the most ridiculous shirts I have seen in some time at a race. The cool weather did pose another sort of problem as I had to create an outfit that would allow me to be comfortable on the first run, transition quickly to the coldness of a early morning ride, and then back to a run where I’d work up a good sweat. I settled with trishorts, a bike jersey (but not a douchey one), and my Oiselle arm warmers for the run/bike and then just changed to my Oiselle singlet for the second run.

About 100 people lined up, split fairly evenly between the Duathletes and the 5k-ers. The run was an out-and-back on a rolling road, and the pack shot out quick. I was determined not to pull a Club Challenge and go out at 6 min pace, and was able to contain myself and go through at 6:30. Intending to save the legs for the bike, I scaled back and bit and was in third place with a 17:25 for the first run. Perfect. My T1 was fairly slow, but whatever, no one is ever really “good” at shoving sweaty hands into fleecy gloves. I then proceeded to reel in people on the bike. Some may attribute that to the fact the “bike I was riding was too nice for that race” (jealous?) but I just attribute it to being awesome. I passed one of the girls but didn’t even have the other in sight. For being only 14ish miles this course was challenging and I got in a couple good little climbs and even hit 41 mph on a descent. The fact I’ve been on the bike this winter was evident. As I came in on the bike I passed Ryan who was about 1/2 mile into the run and he gave me the gang sign. And by gang sign I mean peace sign. And by peace sign I mean he was indicating I was in second place.

T2 went a bit better and I just wanted to hang on to my place. My legs didn’t really feel like they were able to kick it into any higher gear, so I just went with what I had and hoped it was enough. It was. A slightly shorter route due to the entering/exiting of transition lead me to a 16:48 run#2 split, 1:22:00 total time. Second female, and got some cash money to show for it. And in addition to the money we brought home pizzas because they followed inaugural event rules #3 – feed the people well!


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