>Weekly Countdown

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

>11/15 – Easy 5 miles; 45 minutes
11/16 – 10 miles; 1:25 minutes
11/17 – off
11/18 – 2×2 mile, 9 miles total; 75 minutes
11/19 – 31 miles on the Pemberton Trail, 5:45
11/20 – Hills on South Mountain (AZ) – 14 miles; 2 hours
11/21 – off
Totals: 69 miles, 11 hours and 10 minutes

11/22 – Easy 3.5 miles in Tempe; 30 minutes
11/23 – 12.5 miles (5 at marathon pace); 1:45
11/24 – 3x2mile, 10 total, 90 minutes
11/25 – 5 miles, 4.2 race pace (Gobble Cobble); 35 minutes
11/26 – 15 miles, 3xhill workout; 2 hours
11/27 – 29 miles on the AT, 6 hours
11/28 – 8 miles; 1:12
Totals: 83 miles, 13.5 hours

I know the 69 –> 83 miles was a bit of a jump, but truth be told, I’m running out of weeks. I wanted at least one week in the 80s, because after this rest week, I’ll have 4 weeks in the 90’s and100’s. The jump felt alright and my body responded well. The trail run on the AT was my most techical training run to date, and my ankles definitely felt it. But, I kept a good pace and ran just what I should have for that section. My biggest complaint today on my first rest day is my back and shoulders. I will probably have to start doing more of my runs with my Nathan Pack to keep getting those parts stronger for HURT. If they hurt this bad after 6 hours, I don’t even want to think about 24+ hours!

In the meantime, winter running isn’t *as bad* as I thought it would be. I saw a ton of deer, a famiy of bobcats, and even some snowflakes on the trail. I have also been working on my nutrition and have found a new special treat to eat on the run  – personal size Digorno Pizza! The pepperoni ones have 400 calories for HALF of it! And they are pretty tasty, even cold. I have some more experimenting to do, so if you have any other ideas for food that is dense in calories and I could eat on the run, shout them out! (PS I think sandwiches, in general, are gross).


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