>Throw your hands in the air, if you’s a true player

September 11, 2010 § 3 Comments

>Once I arrived in Madison, my game plan changed a bit. Now, everywhere you turn, your enemies are waiting. They are watching your every move. They are checking out your bike, your clothes, the food you’re eating….everything. These are the people that you want to beat in the race.

Now, I know that sounds a bit extreme. But, it’s true. Once you arrive at the race destination, it’s time to switch gears and become the One That’s Feared. You’re the one who goes into their room with a large black box and comes out 15 minutes later with a fully assembled baller bike. You don’t need a mom or a boyfriend to carry your bags to check in while you walk your bike. You carry it all and make it look easy. When you’re lost looking for the check ins, you’re the one who doesn’t look lost. You’re not affected by the long lines, the slow moving families accompanying their racer, or the cluster-F* that is gear/bike drop off.

You have two faces. One is your bright and shiny smiley face. This is for the registration people and volunteers, the grandmas and grandpa’s who ask children, and the babies who are smiling at you as their parents drag them along.

The other is the one is the face you use when you’re talking to competitors, who will inevitably see you as this uber able, confident, sweet person and want to know more about you. This face is calm and friendly, but stern and serious. It says “I’ll humor you now, but I won’t when I pass you on the bike tomorrow.”

So far, things in Madison have been good. The city is awesome! I could have definitely gone to school and loved it. Probably would have ended up with my nose pierced and a little hippy boyfriend though. The weather was grey this morning, but has shaped up beautifully and the sun is out. This transition area seems HUGE so that will be interesting. I ran down to the water this morning and got in a little swim. Water was cold – but I think that is mostly because I have been swimming in a 85 degree pool all summer. But swimming with a wetsuit has never felt so awes; hopefully that gets me through tomorrow.

Eyes clear. Heart Full. Can’t lose.
(I know, I’ve been watching too much Friday Night Lights!)


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