>Bull Run (Quick) Prequel

April 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

>Tomorrow I am running Bull Run 50 mile. Last year I enjoyed this race and had a decent showing (5th woman, 8:43). It got hot last year, and I also had a pacer for the last 10 miles, so this year could be quite different. Due to life (homebuying, moving, work, lack of motivation) I haven’t hit training too hard after Syllamo. Mostly, I think last year I over-trained in March/April and didn’t pay enough attention to the 6-8 weeks before Western States. So, this year I am taking it easy in the earlier parts of my season, and after this race I have 6-7 weeks before tapering for OD to really get to work. Given the base I feel I have right now, that is plenty of time.

Talking to Francesca last night, my plan is this: go out to race. The first half of this race is fairly laid back, very runnable. The second half is another story. So, the plan is to play it by ear. Hopefully I feel good and will be pushing for a top 3 finish. If that’s the case, go hard or go home is the motto and I’ll do my thing. If it’s not my day and just getting through the 50 miles will be a victory, I’ll back off, stay relaxed, and save myself because that means…….a double! If I’m not out there to race, I need to make the best of it and put in a solid training weekend. So the goal will be to keep myself together enough to be able to get up on sunday and run. I can again see how I feel and do at least 12 but up to 20 on Sunday. I may have to get out to cherry pit to do that, or I may get to patapsco and stay on the trails. BUT hopefully I’ll be baller and will only have to pay my dues on Saturday!


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