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§ 15 Responses to >Why….

  • fbg says:

    >I assume you have the answers to these questions, Alyss. Let's hear 'em!

  • Ben says:

    >there used to be a blog here about running – pretty soon you're going to have to change the picture to someone wasting time hunched over a computer. Is this somehow related to your new super secret job?

  • alyssa says:

    >BG – I only know the answer to the one about buying a Canadian, but I'll keep that too myself for now. And last night Ryan was asking Cheese and me why his vag smelled so I'll see if he ever found an answer….Ben – I'm sorry, this blog actually isn't open to comments from GRC runners…..

  • Ben says:

    >since when am i a "GRC runner"?

  • RM says:

    >OH SHITZINGBOOM ROASTEDBEN YOU JUST GOT OWNEDHAHASeriously it's funny that this got the most comments of any of your recent blogs!

  • alyssa says:

    >Ben….when will you learn that I know everything?Just keep in mind the maximum penalty for treason is the death penalty.

  • Ben says:

    >1) your information isn't very good – i ran in baltimore by myself on sunday.2) even if i had run with some GRC'ers it would have been for a) information gathering and b)to motivate myself to get better so they don't go 1-2-3 at the st. patrick's 5k again – which was a stain on this city worse than drugs, homocides, or Mayor Dixon spending gift cards meant for poor people.3) other than being the equivalent of the TWSS meter maid – what exactly have you done to make our team more competitive against grc?

  • alyssa says:

    >haha….ben — turn around….see that long straight thing on the ground behind you? yeah, that's a line. you crossed it.But seriously, I'm pretty and fun and can beat any GRC female in a beer mile. As far as I'm concerned, that's all that matters.Let's get back to the important issues at hand: why DO men have nipples?

  • Ben says:

    >come on alyssa – you know i'm impressed by your running talent – my comment had nothing to do with that. Let's call a truce – i win – ok?

  • RM says:

    >Alright you two are being ridiculous. First of all, we all know that GRC HAS no females, and Alyssa would definitely beat them in a beer mile. Also she beat Ben.Ben, we would give anyone who runs with anyone other than us a hard time. BG my vag does not smell.As the referee I call this one over.

  • RM says:

    >Brennan,I'm not sure why my vag doesn't smell, but I can assure you it does nothaha

  • Alex says:

    >"Why" are you running what looks like an Internet Explorer build from 2002? Are you still using windows 98?

  • alyssa says:

    >alex,despite my job now being relatively technical and the programming knowledge I should have to do it, I have no idea what it is you just asked….

  • Alex says:

    >Sorry, sometime when I'm at work I lose track of what's normal. I'l try again: Yo 'puter be old.

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