>Snacks and Activities

June 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

>It has come to my attention that a lot can be accomplished in 24 hours. I hope to run 100 miles in that time frame. However, many other activities can also be completed. My dear friend Brennan took the time to compile a list of activities that he thought may be suitable for the time period in which I’m running, and I’d like to share that list with you:
* Puzzles
* Lazer tag
* 14 mile run
* Capture the flag at Patapsco
* Purchase a dog at BARCS
* Watch Field of Dreams on the scoreboard at the ballpark
* Sleep on the roof
* Donate a dog to BARCS

I think this is a great idea, and I’d like to issue a challenge. Who can compile the sweetest list of activites that they completed in the time period of 8am EST on Saturday – 8am EST on Sunday?

Howevs, I hope at some point in that day, you go to http://webcast.ws100.com/ to track my progress or sign up for e-mail alerts!!!


§ 3 Responses to >Snacks and Activities

  • fbg says:

    >I'm already signed up for your stupid email thing. There'd better be jokes in there or something. :-PI'll be running a 5k sometime while you're running your little race, but unless there's a kickass postrace party, I doubt I'll have anything to list for you except:1) ride 4.5 hours on the train2) race a 5k3) sleep in a hotel4) ride 4.5 hours on the train

  • brennan says:

    >I'd like to clarify that this was just a small list as I was busy at work and it was the first few things that came to mind. Although my day won't be able to be as awesome (drunk) as it typically would because I have to work pretty much all day and night. My list will be compiled shortly…PS: Arjun there is no need to worry, I won't actually purchase a dog for the house.

  • RM says:

    >Brennan and I are aiming to do 100 things in your 100 miles. It gives us roughly 20-23 hours to accomplish these 100 things.

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