June 3, 2009 § 5 Comments

>My friend Andrew put up a pretty sweet post the other day on his blog. The message was clear: attitude is everything. My final long run is at last in reach. I am really starting to feel the effects of a hard 4 months of training, and I’m looking forward to the taper process. In these last few weeks, attitude is everything because the work has been done.

I want to thank everyone – friends and strangers – who have taken time to reach out to me and wish me luck as well as support. When I get an e-mail from someone who doesn’t know me beyond my race results or my blog offering me advice and wishing me luck, it shows me how strong the running community is and I feel extremely lucky that I am to be a part of it. It also makes me realize that life must have been pretty lonely without the interweb (maybe Ben can tell us about life back then???). So in case I don’t say it enough later, THANK YOU!


§ 5 Responses to >Attitude

  • B.Gill says:

    >did you just say that the stranger who sent you unsolicited advice would be lonely without the interwebz? ouch! good thing i'm not that person…

  • alyssa says:

    >hahaha…noooooo! I meant that I feel like I have a million more friends because of the e-mails I get! Without that I'd be the lonely old(?) woman alone with her cat.

  • B.Gill says:

    >the internet: allowing mid-20's ultrarunners to pretend like they still have social lives since 2003(that makes 2 of us, btw)

  • THE KRIS says:

    >ben? bah! he's barely old enough to tie his own shoes. now i could tell you some pre-internet stories…

  • Ben says:

    >well – loneliness was really a secondary concern since so much time was spent hunting and gathering for day-to-day survival.

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