>Happy Anniversary to me!

May 26, 2009 § 2 Comments

>Memorial Day, graduations and Mr. and Mrs. Sippi’s first birthday can only mean one thing – my one year anniversary of living in Baltimore. About one year ago, I showed up to Federal Hill Runners. My memory of the day is short, but I do remember everyone going around and saying their paces. Jen and Melissa were standing together and said 8, so I pinpointed them as who to stay with. No one was very friendly, but no one was mean either. That’s pretty much how the group does it until you’re considered “in.” During that run, they also mentioned track practice the next day. However, it wasn’t until Spider (my only other friend at this point) also suggested that to me that I actually decided to go to the track for TNT. At this point though I was racing the next weekend so I wasn’t going to do the workout, I just wanted to make an appearance and see who was there…basically I wanted to judge everyone to see if I would be friends with these people.

As I walked up to the track on that fateful day, I took note of the fact that Ryan is making some sort of argument for his opinion that Half Ironmans are much more difficult than an ultra. Uh oh, I thought. Maybe I won’t be friends with these people. Shortly after his argument, someone asked me “what do you run?” Haha.

And so it was, my birth into TWSS was complete. I would have never thought that a year from then I’d be facing the Western States 100 and an Ironman within 2 months of each other. But so is the case, and it wouldn’t have been possible without some good friends to get me to this point. It certainly makes me wonder where I’ll be in another year.


§ 2 Responses to >Happy Anniversary to me!

  • RM says:

    >Imagine if Spider was still your only friend?I bet there are times you wish that were true.Seriously though, how different would your life be/have been without us? Would it be more awes or less awes?Also, I feel like if I was saying anything about ultras, I feel like it was probably in ref to a 50k. Clearly half IM is not as hard as a 50M or up. It’s not as long, and really it’s playing around in some water, going for a bike ride and then having to try and run. Even though I still suck at them, I’ve decided they’re not that bad.

  • alyssa says:

    >My life is obvi more awes with you guys. If not, I would probably still be eating dry ramon noodles and drinking a box of wine a day with my roommates. Yikes.

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