>GU: Roctizzy

January 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

>Because eating on the run is a huge part of my racing/training, I am constantly searching for new ideas and products that I like. When given the opportunity to try out GU’s new Roctane gels, I was excited to see how they’d work out.

I took the Roctane out for the PHUNT 50K last weekend, knowing I’d be running for about 5 hours and would probably eat about (only, ha) 6-7 GU’s since it was a training run for me. For the regular GU, my favorite is the Tri Berry, but I’m also a big fan of vanilla. I steer clear of just about anything else, although I can handle the lemon-lime without having to vom.

I liked the orange more than the blueberry Roctane — the blueberry leaves a lingering aftertaste that I just don’t find too pleasant. I took a Roctane on the 45 minutes for 5.5 hours, and supplemented them with some chips and pretzels at the 2 aid stations. I felt good throughout the run, so I know that they were definitely giving me the calories and whatever else is in them to sustain throughout an endurance event. However, I didn’t feel like they had any more of an edge to them over the regular GUs. If given the chance, I would certainly prefer my usual tri-berry or vanilla flavors. Still, GU remains one of my top choices for fuel during my ultras, no questions about it.


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