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November 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

>Driving through what felt like a blizzard today on I-70W, I resigned myself to the ultra mantra of “it’s not about the watch.” On a day where there’s a high of 35, flurries, and winds up to 25 mph predicted, it is not likely I will run my fastest 50 mile time. However, as friends have been quick to point out today, every runner tomorrow will be in the same weather — and not every runner has put in the training I have. Tomorrow I will run for place, not for time….though a sub-8 would make things pretty awes.

So I already mentioned the blizzard, but that was brief and things took a turn for the better as I pulled into Hagerstown this evening to pick up my packet. Packet pickups in general are always fun because of the people watching: the man who has made sure to wear something displaying a logo from every race he’s ever run, the woman who’s already stressed out because her husband will be running all day tomorrow and leaving her alone in the cold with 3 bratty creatures (ahem, children), and the newbie who is stopping everyone they can to ask questions while simultaneously purchasing the hat, fleece, hoodie, hankercheif, and polo shirt with the race logo on them all serve as endless entertainment to me. However, I stopped myself from staring for too long, and head out. I went to Quiznos for a sub – and let me say, I don’t even like Quiznos. However, this is the meal I have always eaten before this race, and this is the meal I will always eat before this race. I’m a creature of habit. Then I headed over to the Homewood Suites, checked in, and got my race food/drink prepared:
I plan to eat about 16 GUs, 2 packs of Powerade coke gummi things, 3 bottles of perpetuem, 2 of HEED, (at least 3 of just plain water in between them), varying amounts of Endurolytes, ibu and ginger caps. I have no idea how the cold will effect me nutritionally tomorrow, but the best I can do is plan to be out there for about 9 hours, and hope thats an overestimate in the end.

Info. on the top competitors is in this article. It looks like on the womens side I’ll be up against Bethany Patterson (’03 winner), Connie Gardner (02/04 winner), Jennifer Davis (4th last year), and Susan Graham-Gray (2:45 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier…but she is legally blind).

My fav quote of the article:

“The course record is 5:46:22, set by Eric Clifton in 1994.
If it’s broken, others likely will suffer for it.
“Carnage occurs. Guys go with guys they shouldn’t go with and blow up,” Spinnler said. “It could be a spectator’s dream but a runner’s nightmare.” “


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