>Weather report, etc

November 19, 2008 § 7 Comments

>So the weather for Saturday in Boonsboro, MD is expected to be a high of 36 and a low of 23. This is about 10-15 degrees colder than in the past years. This means Alyssa is unsure of her outfit for the race. I was trying to avoid wearing pants at all costs, but if its 20something at the start, that may not be poss.

In other news, they have also changed the competition rules for this year. In the past, men competing for a top 10 position, and women competing for a top 5 have not been allowed to use a pacer. They actually take this rule, and the one about no i-pods, extremely serious in this race and have designated people out there watching for these things. This allowed me to have my dad run with me for about 8 miles last year, which was pretty cool. I knew I was out of the top 5 by about mile 30, so it wasn’t an issue. However, this year the rule is top 10 for women and men. This blows. Kip had graciously offered to run some miles with me, and that could have been crucial this year. I usually hit a low around miles 25-35 and it’s really nice to have someone around or something to look forward to. Oh well. Having Mel and Brennan out there, and of course mom and dad, will hopefully get me through the boredom of the towpath 🙂


§ 7 Responses to >Weather report, etc

  • Claire says:

    >That sucks about the pacers especially because that toepath is so monotonous. I am also watching the weather reports to decide if I will wear shorts or pants for philly, I’m hoping for shorts as well. The other day I found a pair of old snap/tear off pants that I put in my donate pile but now I wonder if I could wear those for a few miles and then tear them off when I get hot.

  • Alyssa says:

    >YES. Do it. Practice the tear-off first though. And then make sure you do it right in front of where we are standing watching/cheering for you. I’ll video it.

  • Jen says:

    >1) You are tough, screw the weather2) You are tough, screw the need for a pacer3) You are tough, screw the towpath4) You are tough, screw the official and try and get around the rules? maybe? possibly?Just kidding, you’ve trained hard and you’ll be fine. Confidence my dear!

  • THE KRIS says:

    >you don’t tear the pants of because you’re hot, you tear them off because it’s hot to do so. good luck everybody.

  • fbg says:

    >@Jen: I really wasn’t expecting that #4; you got me good with that surprise ending! I like it; keep it up.@Alyssa: I have no idea what it is like to run more than 26 miles, 385 yards, but I can imagine it gets lonely. Solutions for being lonely:1) A hands-free headset and a mobile phone? (It’s not an iPod)2) Get Elf or Kip to enter the race, so it’s not cheating when they run with you.3) A paid male escort. I hear lots of girls do that when they get lonely. Just make sure you have the phone number and cash on hand.4) A paid female escort. Same as (3), but more interesting for me when you talk about it later.5) Imaginary friend.6) Imaginary female escort, in an imaginary situation, which you put on your blog later.7) Does chocolate help in this situation?8) A half-gallon of ice cream? Don’t girls like that when they’re lonely and having a hard time?9) I think that’s about it. One of these has to work.

  • alyssa says:

    >8) A half-gallon of ice cream? Don't girls like that when they're lonely and having a hard time?Yes. They do. However, I can never allow myself to resort to this due to a vow I once made, at a little place called the Naval Academy. At said institution, there was a small restaurant, "steerage", in the dorm where students could purchase snacks, pizza, and pints of ben & jerrys. Since the beginning of time, it was an unspoken rule that dudes would not touch the ice cream, but rather wait for a girl (who was affectionately referred to as a wuba – woman used by all) to go get the ice cream and then make fun of her for eating it. They had a camera, the "steerage cam", so that from your room you could watch the line at this establishment. I cannot even begin to count how many times I sat with dudes while they would just watch the camera for girls getting ice cream to make fun of. It was at that time I vowed to never resort to ice cream for comfort. Chocolate, however, is still allowed 🙂

  • RM says:

    >steerage cam, that’s amazing

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