November 7, 2008 § 4 Comments

>Today is actually quite boring. I woke up this morning. Ran. Left for work. Saw the same woman walking the same dog taking a shit at the same tree outside my house. Followed the same people in traffic to work.
I did read this article which I liked. Usually the WSJ is not my jam for op-eds, but this is pretty dece.
Hopefully things will start getting crazy at work after lunch.


§ 4 Responses to >TGIF

  • RM says:

    >Definitely in a low barometric mood today.”usually the WSJ is not my jam…but this is pretty dece”

  • THE KRIS says:

    >you should report that woman to the cops for taking a shit in public.

  • fbg says:

    >I’m not an op-ed expert, but I agree that this is well-written. But, what does it actually say? It’s much better than the “Yay! Obama won!!” articles, but the gist I get is: “we have to wait and see how he’s going to do”. That’s a much more intelligent perspective, but I’m not sure if it’s informative to anybody who’s already thought about it, or if it’s going to convince anyone who hasn’t. Did I perhaps miss something?

  • Alyssa says:

    >I think Noonan actually got away from her intended purpose in the article. She did an excellent job stressing the fact that although this election serves as an opportunity for change, it does not mean change will come without proper disciplined leadership. Her intention in the article is (I think) in the title itself. “The children are watching. They’re absorbing and understanding life via this darkness. Well, Tuesday at 11 p.m., as an old barrier that was rotting and waiting to fall, fell, I got to think it happily: The children are watching. And absorbing a better, deeper understanding of life in America.”Although it’s arguably a little naive and perhaps simplistic – it’s true and a little comforting. Our generation is accused of many negative things, and apathy is often one of them. For once our generation saw a chance to make a change – we put forth effort – and it worked. To be able to have watched this unfold in the past year is an experience that very few of us will forget, and whether we like it or not will probably shape the way we see politics for years to come. For some, that may be a bad thing, but I think for most of us it’s good.

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